Anne works with individual adults from many backgrounds who come with a wide range of issues such as grief and loss, depression, traumatic experiences, and relational issues. 

Areas of expertise

  •  Identity and how it is shaped

  • Relational dynamics and attachment style

  • Interpersonal trauma: emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, and spiritual

  • Cross cultural experiences: immigrants, cross-cultural workers, and Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Raised in Latin America, Anne speaks both Spanish and English fluently, and offers therapy in either language. 

Therapeutic Approach

By combining experiential therapies, neuroscientific studies, and theories of attachment and trauma, Anne invites people to examine not only immediate areas of concern, but also the underlying experiences that have shaped our identity and our approach to challenges.  

Anne was trained to integrate the Christian faith with psychological understandings. Christian views of personhood, suffering, and healing are foundational to her approach, integrated within a framework of psychological theories. If the client wishes, explicit discussion of spirituality can be part of their therapy.

As well as being a therapist, Anne is also a papermaker artist. Her office doubles as her studio and she sometimes uses art and non-verbal forms of therapy. These and other therapeutic exercises help to engage the whole person in the healing journey.